For the T.G. Green Cornishware Collector

Gallery of historical Cornishware backstamps

The following gallery is probably the most complete work anywhere worldwide as a historical guide to T.G. Green backstamps found on the ‘Cornish Kitchen Ware’ range made in Church Gresley, Derbyshire. This gallery purely comprises backstamps found on Cornishware (i.e. the blue & white striped etc) - it does not encompass other T.G. Green patterns although some of the backstamps were also used on them.

You can click on any photo for a larger image & more information on a particular backstamp with some snippets of historical information, or scroll through them 1 by 1. If you think you have a genuine backstamp not pictured below, please do email it along with pictures of the piece and we will include it on the site with a credit to you for the photo if we agree that it appears to be genuine. Note that it is in pseudo ‘chronological order’ i.e. earliest first, most recent last.

This guide covers vintage cornishware up to 2007 when the Church Gresley factory closed its doors for the last time. Modern Cornishware is no longer made in the UK and we do not cover it from 2007 onwards. The current backstamp being used is somewhat confusingly near identical to the look of black shield backstamp but with a TG Green website reference within the wording.

Earliest known backstamp on Cornish Ware (c. 1925)

Early Church (c. 1930's)

Early Church (c. 1930's)

Early Church impressed on Fireproof dish (1930's)

The Cube (1930's)

Made in England (c. 1930's-40's)

Gresley Potteries Shield (c. 1935)

Black Shield (1930's-1950's)

Circular Early Church (c. mid-late 1930's)

Green Shield (c.1930's-mid 1960's)

Early Church (c.late 1930's-1950's)

Rare 1st ‘Cornish Blue’ backstamp (c. 1950)

Green Shield with extra letter below (c. 1950)

Green Shield with extra letter above (c. 1950)

Green Shield with unusual extra 3 letters (c.1950)

Green Shield with number below (c. 1950)

Green Shield with Melior trade mark c. 1950

Semi-Circular mark (c.1950's)

Judith Onions Target Mark (c. 1968 - 1975)

Judith Onions Target Mark (c. 1968-1975)

Target mark without JO reference (c. 1970)

Target Mark without JO reference (early 1970's)

Very unusual coloured Target backstamp (early 1970's)

Embossed Target Mark c. 1970

Modern Church (late 70's-80's)

Circular Modern Church (c. 1980)

Modern Church (early 1990’s)

Early Cloverleaf mark (c. late 1980’s-1995)

Cloverleaf Country Road (early 1990's)

Unusual Cloverleaf mark (c. early 1990's)

Mason Cash Cornish blue in Gold (2002)

Unusual Cloverleaf (c. 1992)

Collectors Club Blue Shield (1997-2002)

Collectors Club/Cloverleaf (1997)

Later Cloverleaf (c. 1996-2001)

Mason Cash transitional mark (late 2001-mid 2002)

Mason Cash Cornish blue in Gold (2002)

TTC Cornish Colours Backstamp (2005-2007)

Mason Cash Cornish Blue (mid 2002-mid 2003)

Cornish Blue backstamp in blue (mid 2002-mid 2003

Mason Cash Cornish Blue (2003-2005)

Mason Cash Cornish Blue Special Edition (2003-2005)

Cornish Blue with retailer (Jenners) c. 2003

TTC Cornish Colours Backstamp (2005-2007)