For the T.G. Green Cornishware Collector

About Us: is a trading name of Vintage-Kitsch, owned and operated by Lucy & Peter Ferrary. This is a web-based business run from Leicester, United Kingdom.

No - its not Lucy! :)Cornish Ware came into Lucy’s life from a very early age.

She always had an eye on her Grandmother’s Cornish Ware when she was very young and was subsequently promised and bequeathed it.

That started a little bit of an addiction!

With such an interest in it, Lucy and husband Peter started scouring the web and came up with little, so decided to build this site devoted to amassing as much useful information for collectors as possible.

This then developed into the galleries you see now and an outlet for our spares and rarities, and we now regularly pick up many tens of pieces from a multitude of different sources and buy, sell and ship around the globe.

We are a small business with a personal touch, you can either buy things quickly via the shopping basket or email/pick up the phone and talk/reserve items etc.

Dont forget that we are collectors as well as traders & please do keep any information, links, questions flowing!

Best wishes

Lucy & Pete.

p.s. in case you are wondering about the logo lettering - it is constructed entirely out of negatived photographed letters from 1930’s named storage jars - the ‘Z’ we had to cheat a little bit on and use a sideways ‘N’ !

Telephone: 01162 335104
Registered Address: Vintage-Kitsch, 54 Belvoir Drive, Leicester, LE2 8PA, United Kingdom
Legal Entity: Partnership
VAT Registration Number: (GB)890504618